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We are a trustworthy and viable business partner that consistently delivers quality service.  We follow a client-centered approach based on a continuous learning model.  We diligently apply critical thinking to creatively solve our client’s problems and realize business opportunities.  We are responsive, discrete and research driven.  We seek to partner with and learn from those who are different from us and work toward common goals through mutual respect.  We are committed to a shared humanity by embracing the idea that we can all learn something important and useful from each other.  We are motivated toward supporting the greater good by having natural empathy for our business partners and associates.  Our principles lead us to find value in the following: truth, duty, knowledge, reasoning, sharp perception, keen observation, high attention, self-reflection, a strong memory, a well-directed imagination, calculated decision making, courage, good character, personal development and deeply understanding the importance of our will.

Founded in 2011, Willard Powell is a Stamford CT recruitment firm, with core competencies in competitive research and talent acquisition.  We focus specifically on assisting our clients in building teams so that together we can build a better world.  We help our clients hire exceptional people who are committed to excellence and share similar values.

Competitive research and talent acquisition businesses have supported high-growth firms for generations, but technology and social media are rapidly changing the way in which recruitment firms conduct business today. Here at Willard Powell we work to visualize and assess impactful social media data analytics for our clients as a way to facilitate talent discussions and develop recruitment strategies.

Our team is always looking for people who possess good character, are intensely focused on self-development, are interested to help others in need, and have a genuine desire to realize their full potential on a highly productive team. Let us know if you are interested in joining our team!