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Willard Powell, Inc. is working to build teams and a better world by supporting talent acquisition efforts within philanthropic foundations, endowments, primary, secondary and higher education.



Educational institutions are struggling to keep pace with change in government regulations.  Policy shifts in Washington are creating challenges in how educational organizations find direct federal funding and how families secure student aid.


EdTech firms are advancing adaptive learning by engaging students through gaming and virtual reality. Emerging digital technologies accelerating the growth and acceptance of digital educational offering and disrupting traditional instructor led education models.


There is increased demand and adoption for personalized e-learning through offering of online vocational nano-degrees, certificates, and certifications. However, educational institutions are lagging in the integration of digital technologies.


Local school taxes for public primary and secondary education are increasing as schools receive less federal funding. Increasing higher education operational costs and declining enrollments are attributing to the rising costs.


Social media is disrupting the way students learn and altering their social-emotional development.  Educational institutions are challenged to safely incorporate social into educational planning and in efforts to positively impact social change.


As big bata and social media analysis become more ubiquitous, educational and nonprofits organizations will increasingly make use of big data to engage and monitor students and participants.