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Willard Powell, Inc. is working to build teams and a better world by supporting talent acquisition efforts within national and regional governments, city municipalities, and quasi-government agencies such as public–private partnerships in energy, defense contracting, transportation and infrastructure development.



Policy shifts in Washington are increasing focus on foreign investments through renegotiation of trade deals, the repatriation of offshore financial assets, and on increasing energy independence. 


In an increasingly volatile world, government and law enforcement agencies are increasing investments in biometric authentication technologies such as facial recognition, voice analysis, fingerprinting, retina and iris scanning.


Emerging technologies are accelerating the rate of international cyber attacks and forcing governments to scale cyber defense capabilities.  With a deficit of top talent governments are entering into public-private cybersecurity partnerships.


With the evolution big bata and social media analysis, government investment in big data is increasing the speed at which agencies are engaging and monitoring citizens.


Government technology firms are implementing new digital strategies, creating digital experiences for citizens, and collecting and assesses significantly more data on user behaviors. In addition, digitization and automation of government processes is reducing operational cost.


With the evolution of Blockchain (distributed ledger) technology, and as large institutions increase their automation efforts, short-term spikes in unemployment will create challenges for governments.