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Willard Powell, Inc. is working to build teams and a better world by supporting talent acquisition efforts within hospital management, health maintenance, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical instruments, and health insurance.



Healthcare organizations are creating new revenue channels by implementing new digital strategies.  By creating new digital experiences for healthcare practitioners, firms are collecting and assesses significantly more data on patients.  In addition, digitization and automation of internal processes is reducing operational cost.


HealthTech startups are disrupting traditional business models.  Emerging technologies are accelerating the growth of HealthTeach offerings.  Integration of innovative offerings from HealthTech firms internationally are creating domestic regulatory challenges.  Innovations in healthcare big data and use of wearables are creating opportunities to influence patient behaviors nationally.


With the evolution artificial intelligence and its rising use in healthcare, in particular biopharma, investment in machine learning is being incorporated as a core business strategy. Machine learning technology is increasing the speed at which new drugs and proteins are identified.


Healthcare and health insurance services firms are struggling to keep pace with change in government regulations.  Policy shifts in Washington are creating challenges. As an example, shifting policy on public / private health exchanges, creates for challenges in ensuring effective pricing strategies.


Traditional healthcare payer pricing models are being challenged.  Retirees are requiring greater care for chronic health issues and are more willing to pay for personalized health services.  However, younger clients generally are more passionate about wellness lifestyle advice, support of public health initiatives and expect lower cost alternatives.


Market disruptions are creating consumer retention challenges.  Increase is consumer loyalty campaigns are required. Investments in CRM systems and big data are providing clients a clear view of customer life cycle, satisfaction and loyalty.