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Willard Powell, Inc. is working to build teams and a better world by supporting talent acquisition efforts within market research, market monitoring, creative, media planning, digital performance, social and public relations.



With the evolution Big Data and its rising use in marketing and social media analysis, investment in Big Data is being incorporated by clients into core marketing strategies. Big Data is increasing the speed at which new marketing strategies are identified and monitored as new campaigns are launched.


Marketing organizations are creating new revenue channels by implementing new digital strategies and creating digital experiences for clients. Customer experiences are being elevated through the production of original media content, automation of interactions with customers and collection of significantly more data on consumer behaviors.


Market disruptions are creating consumer retention challenges.  Increase is consumer loyalty campaigns are required. Investments in CRM systems and big data are providing clients a clear view of customer life cycle, satisfaction and loyalty.


Traditional agency pricing models are challenged to implement long term pricing strategies while taking advantage of in year price revenue opportunities.  In addition customers are questioning value received from pay per click models.


Clients are struggling to keep pace with change in government regulations.  Policy shifts in Washington are creating challenges. Clients with highly diverse businesses with holistic marketing strategies are being forced to develop segmented marketing plans that meet regulatory requirements.


Social media firms are disrupting traditional business models.  Emerging social media technologies are accelerating the growth use cases for marketing firms. Innovative offerings from Social and AdTech firms are creating significant opportunities to influence consumer behaviors.