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We are a trustworthy and viable retained search partner that consistently delivers quality service. We follow a client-centered approach based on a continuous learning model. We diligently apply critical thinking to creatively solve our client’s problems and realize business opportunities. We are responsive, discrete and research driven. We seek to partner with and learn from those who are different from us and work toward common goals through mutual respect. We are committed to a shared humanity by embracing the idea that we can all learn something important and useful from each other. We are motivated toward supporting the greater good by having natural empathy for our business partners and associates.


Client Centered

We are focused on building long-term trusted relationships by delivering the highest quality of candidates and helping transform our client’s business.


We respond quickly with innovative candidate solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, in whatever market or region they operate.


The basis of our consultative approach is to provide direct communication, ensuring that the needs of both clients and candidates are met.

Highly Informed

An in-depth understanding of our clients’ business, culture, and strategy ensures that we are able to offer the most effective advice.


We operate with complete discretion and integrity at every stage of the search, developing mutual trust between candidates and clients.

Research Driven

We conduct extensive research to provide clients with competitive market intelligence, assist in developing a virtual bench, and further our understanding of our clients’ businesses.

Committed to Continual Learning

We are committed to continual improvement through social learning, and will collaborate with our clients and teammates in the pursuit of excellence.


We Enjoy Our Work

We always strive to find enjoyment in the work at hand and to create a pleasant and comfortable environment.

We Support Each Other

We support each other not only in terms of conducting business, but also in terms of our personal relationships. We recognize that issues outside the office may affect what goes on inside it, and that by working as a team to support each other on both fronts we can accomplish better results with higher morale. We witness first hand and praise the accomplishments of our team members, but know and expect that there will be days where mistakes are made. We provide encouragement to each other to learn from our mistakes and grow individually and as a team.  

We Believe In Sharing

We believe in sharing ideas, goals, accomplishments, and dreams, and always maintaining a team mentality. We appreciate suggestions from others and believe that even when we don't agree, we can still cooperate.

We Work To Make Accurate Assessments Of Each Other

It is our responsibility to not just take people at face value, but rather to analyze their behaviors more deeply and recognize that humans are complex. We understand that to have a cohesive team, it is important to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. We value consistent communications and work to get the “full story” when a behavior or idea seems odd to us.  

We Care For Each Other

We treat fellow employees, clients, and advisors as people first, and work colleagues second. Our colleagues' life events, concerns, and issues are deeply important to us. We trust in our competencies, and trust in our colleagues' faith in us. We believe in leveraging technology to connect the world and build teams, but also know that the human experience cannot be mechanized.

We Pursue Enlightenment

We are committed to sharing our individual perspectives and ideas in an effort to elevate the team. We expect and believe that the team is equally committed to our own individual development. We continually spend time reflecting on both our individual and team efforts to ensure there is continual learning, growth, and development.  

We Approach Every Day With A Positive Outlook

We know that our individual mindset influences the team's mindset. When things get difficult, we have faith in our peers and stay positive.

We Look For Answers Ourselves Before Turning To Others

We understand we have the tools to solve any problem or puzzle that may come our way, and that this can and should benefit the team. We believe in our own ability to come to a solution. We trust that our coworkers want to help us find answers, and provide them for us if we cannot identify them on our own.



We value being honest, transparent, and ethical. We work to cultivate an environment where others feel comfortable discussing mistakes in an effort to learn from them.  


It is our duty not to let our colleagues down, because they respect and value our contributions. We lead by example with our actions. It is also our responsibility to be clear when describing our expectations of others and hold each other accountable.  


We are driven by our curiosity to expand our general knowledge. Although our specific expertise is in the development of competitive research and talent acquisition strategies, we are not complacent in the idea that our knowledge base in this area is sufficient. We always strive to learn more.  

Sharp Perception

It is important that we are “on top of our game” and remain focused at all times. Additionally, we consciously make an effort to read others and hear what is unsaid.

Keen Observation

We are focused on tracking behavior patterns and addressing them directly.

High Attention To Detail

We pay attention to the details when focused on accomplishing the task at hand, and in determining strategy for the company as a whole.

A Strong Memory

We are committed to our individual and team health, so that our memory remains strong. We are committed to building tools that support a healthy memory; we document and communicate often.

Self Reflection

We find it important to take a step back and contemplate our actions and behaviors often. We facilitate feedback loops with our colleagues in an effort to improve through self-reflection.


We seek many data points, value critical thinking, and rationalize and weigh options before making decisions by listening to input from others. We are also okay trusting our own intuition when others challenge our principles.  

A Well-Directed Imagination

We seek to push the envelope by trying new things in an effort to provide our clients an innovative approach to setting recruitment strategy. We believe that we are building teams that build a better world. We imagine big dreams, but also recognize the constraints of reality.    

Calculated Decisions

We weigh all the pros and cons before making decisions. We consider the short and long-term impact when setting strategy and work towards end goals.  

Working For The Greater Good

We operate in an ethical and compassionate way in everything we do. We are committed to philanthropic initiatives whenever possible.

Having Natural Empathy For Our Colleagues

We value being kind and work to put ourselves in others' shoes. We recognize that everyone has different struggles, talents, and weaknesses, and we do not pass judgment before understanding the whole story.


We are okay taking risks when actively standing up what for what we believe in.  


We believe in ethical and respectful behavior. We are accountable for our actions. We strive to embody the leadership characteristics that others find genuine.

Our Will

We are committed to our values and recognize that all of our actions influence our collective will.