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Our process ensures that we achieve key client objectives. We conduct talent research systematically to remove bias from the front end, follow a consistent process for candidate shortlisting, iteratively update clients on engagements and continually deliver diverse talent pipelines.


From the start, we work to immediately get and stay in sync with you, know your overarching team goals, understand team dynamics, assess talent gaps and focus in on the implications of each of your high-impact needs. Our Search Consultants will work to define a recruitment roadmap that fits within your unique culture, environment, and organizational process.


We will never deemphasize the importance of understanding your culture. When a recruitment firm conducts a search on your behalf, candidates instinctively associate the search firm as extension of your brand. Our Search Consultants work to entrench themselves in your culture and are meticulous about appropriately communicating your culture and values to potential candidates, with the care and attention it deserves. Furthermore, we know that with every hire made, your culture may be influenced. We seek to make a positive influence on culture and ensure that we are assisting in building an adaptable, performance-based, and high performing team.


It's important to clearly define your open role. In addition to capturing requirements on mandatory experience and skills, we'll work with you to isolate what additional key attributes will allow for a successful hire. Our Search Consultants will spend time exploring why past hires have been successful and why others have failed, so that we can target the right competencies and behaviors. We'll find correlations between these defined behaviors and your culture. Furthermore, we’ll define a career path(s) for the candidate, which will provide candidates a clear sense for your vision and an understanding for where they fit in.


We're open to taking your lead and adjusting our method to fit your process. Our process has been most successful when a more iterative approach is followed. We’ll work with your HR Business Partner and Talent Acquisition teams to set clear goals, define process and timelines, and get into a weekly meeting cadence to track and provide visibility into our performance metrics.


Our position in the market provides us a unique perspective on financial services human capital mandates and a constant pulse on the motivations of highly sought-after talent. Throughout this process, we'll advise you on strategy, list direct competitors, determine your competitive advantage and provide you an honest point of view on your probability of success in pulling from each competitor individually. Our Search Consultants will work with you to define how the firm and opportunity should be pitched to prospective candidates. We also take time to visualize hurdles, openly discuss possible solutions and put controls in place to help mitigate risks and overcome potential problems.


Our Search Consultants conduct extensive nationwide research to gather competitive intelligence. This includes organizational mapping, which specifies competitor team structures and the production of role-based organizational charts. Additionally, we’ll document information on your competitor's strategic direction, business plans, hiring trends, their forecast and budget, employee compensation structures, retention vehicles, location strategies, technology platforms and vendor partnerships.


After completing initial screens, we’ll shortlist a group of diverse and high potential prospects, provide you with resumes, a write up on each candidate’s career progression, their motivations, a sense for their values and guiding principles, their competencies, skills and leadership abilities, personality, behavioral attributes, work authorization status and compensation history.


Once we have captured your requirements, discussed a strategic solution, and conducted research, we'll leverage this information to work with you in creating a detailed recruitment plan; essentially a script describing how we'll approach the market and why. Our network and extensive database will enable our Search Consultants to quickly connect with industry leaders, check for additional information on target candidates and identify high performers. We directly approach passive prospects and identify each candidate’s motivating factors in considering a move. Throughout the process we are focused on sourcing a diverse pool of candidates and ensuring that we cover the market entirely.


Our screening process follows an assessment framework based on the competencies that were defined at the start of our process. We conduct a structured behavior-based interview, screen for behavior patterns that influence performance, review each candidate’s strengths and weakness and get a clear understanding for how they prioritize values. Our search consultants will work with you to define an assessment framework.


Our search consultants will work with you to define standardized interview controls and if needed, coach your interviewers. In addition to coordinating onsite interviews, we'll advise you on the mitigation of EEOC and OFCCP risks.


As interview feedback is received, we consolidate this information into a grid and review candidates side by side. We’ll quantify interview commentary and incorporate it into grading framework, showing each candidate’s range of ability. This process will enable your stakeholders to approach critical decision making in a more organized way. Additionally, the group can assess the viability of backup candidates and establish a virtual bench.


We will advise of you on the negotiation and structuring of offers in highly competitive markets. Our Search Consultants will have already provided you with information on the candidate’s salary and variable compensation structure. They’ll advise you on offer structuring and the use of start bonuses, additional fixed payments, year end bonuses, multi-year guarantees, long term incentives including restricted stock, options, and/or deferred cash, defined benefits, expense coverage, executive relocation, retainers, and claw backs.


We are well-versed in attracting and converting passive talent. Securing acceptance from highly sought after talent can be challenging and the communication of a complex offer is best handled by a Search Consultant who knows your candidate's motivations and the market. At this point in the process, we will have established a deep relationship with the candidate and will know what drives their decision making. With your approval, we'll communicate the general terms of a proposed offer on your behalf and inform you of their acceptance before having to seek internal approvals.


During the final stage of the search, we request that candidates send verification of current incentives including a W2 statement, recent pay stubs showing variable compensation payments and equity statements. We will also ask candidates for a copy of their offer letter for review to check restrictive covenants including terms on non-competition and non-disclosure. Additionally, we’ll verify prior employment and conduct reference checks by contacting prior peers, subordinates, and managers for information on performance and reputation. At your request, we will also verify candidate educational credentials, required licenses, conduct credit checks, and a full criminal state and local background check.


Throughout the offer process, well before the candidate’s resignation, we’ll coordinate informal meetings to allow an opportunity for you to build further rapport with the candidate and make casual introductions with the team. The candidate’s relationship with their current manager and team is an important consideration and we’ll keep a pulse on how they view your dynamic comparatively to their existing one. Our Search Consultants will have open discussions with the candidate about the probability of a counter offer and will advise them on how to provide their current employer notice, effectively closing the door on possible counters.


A good retention strategy starts with ensuring your new employee has an exceptional onboarding. Our team will work with your administrator to ensure first day logistics are nailed down, that space and equipment is procured and access has been granted. Additionally, we’ll regularly check-in with new employees to get a sense for their assimilation into your workforce.


We can always improve on our process and we’re interested to know your feedback on how we can provide you with better service. At the completion of the search, we’ll provide you a review of any bottlenecks that were encountered, request that you complete a feedback form and we’ll also complete a self-assessment, detailing areas we felt we could improve upon.